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Alinur Velidedeoğlu was born in 1953 at Michigan – Ann Arbor USA He grew up in an intellectual environment inspired also by his grandfather Hıfzı Veldet Velidedeoğlu, a law professor who had a pioneering role in the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

He began working in animation department of İstanbul Reklam as he attended Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphic Design. he learned about animation, created and directed his first commercial, when he was only 18 years old.

He established his first company Gratel in 1977. He became a partner of Güzel Sanatlar Reklamcılık in 1981 and Saatchi & Saatchi in 1985 was one of the shareholders of Zenith Medya. He directed 570 commercials, 140 of which were abroad, and he engaged in hundreds of advertising campaigns and productions. He composed nearly 40 jingles.

Velidedeoğlu, who won 24 international awards, which include London International, NY International, Cannes-Lions International Awards, Golden Awards of Montreux, two world championships in Epica and Cresta; was proclaimed one of the 17 most eminent people in Europe by international NBC and was interviewed for the “Executive Life Styles” program in 1998, the first Turk ever to be nominated from the non-political community. He was also chosen to be among the wealthiest 32 self-made people in the world by International Discovery Channel, and was interviewed for the “Time and Travel”program in 2007.

Velidedeoğlu was among the producers of the movie “Black & White” , 1999, starring Robert Downey Jr., Allan Houston, Ben Stiller, Jared Leto, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schieffer and Mike Tyson. He was the associate producer of the movie “Harvard Man”, 2001, starring Adrien Grenier and Sarah Michelle Gellar. He was also the co-producer of the movie “The Money Shot”, 1996, directed by Matthew Mailer. He selected Charlize Theron, when she was 17, for a catalog shooting in 1994. He shot music videos of various rock bands in England at the end of 90s.

He was one of the founders of Altenatif Pazarlama, in 1998, that concentrates on “below the line”, “event marketing” and new media instruments. He was among the 10 main initiators of Formula 1 Turkey. He was as one of the three partners of worldwide known Dice and Dice Kayek fashion brands in 1997.

Velidedeoğlu is the founder of DFH Network, a American TV company which is broadcasting the most viewed Turkish channels in the USA, Canada since 1998. In 2004, he established an IPTV company, IPWORLD TV, in Los Angeles California. The company distributes over 500 international (ethnic) TV channels to foreigners all around the world.

Besides his professional business activities Velidedeoğlu is a collectionist of contemporary art. He collects the works of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Viktor Vasarely. He has many furniture designs patented by U.S. Patent Office.

He held his first exhibition “alinurV articles” in 2003, visited by more than 10.000 people in a short period. His second exhibition “alinurV cadrage” , dated 2005, became the first photograph exhibition of Velidedeoğlu. Please visit the exhibitions page for more detailed information.

Currently, Velidedeoğlu is working on a Hollywood Feature Film Production which will be on theaters in 2015.